Sunday, June 13, 2010


A lot has taken place in my life and in my character recently and it's all swirling around inside me. I had an awesome day today. I had an opportunity to confirm to myself how powerful it can be to drop barriers and converse freely with people I love about hard things. I got to feel the spirit give me power and comfort and confirmation as I pondered the things I've been learning, and the things I've been prompted to do. I got to ponder on the fact that every experience in life is an opportunity to springboard into something greater.
You know something? Life is amazing when the dominant feeling I allow to be present is love. Love for myself, love for my family, love for God, love for all my brothers and sisters all over the world who I haven't met yet in this life. I've contemplated a lot the idea that Ghandi verbalized about how we must be the change we would see in the world, and I'm getting more and more excited by that. I get to change, I get to let go of the garbage that I've dragged through life with me and allow myself to fly by not tying myself down to anything that has-or hasn't- happened in the past. The word I use in church to describe that process is repentance. And it makes me so happy to know that I get to let go of the garbage of the world, free myself from the mire, and soar. The power is in me. I am an agent unto myself. I get to do the acting, not the being acted upon- if I so choose. That's exciting.

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