Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art sleuthing

There is a large painting in the Salt Lake temple right by the entrance to the women's dressing room of the Savior with the apostles gathered around Him in what is pretty clearly a depiction of the Last Supper. I've always loved something about the colors and light in the painting and the way it looks so intimate and personal. I can feel the tenderness of the Savior as He gives His followers the new law of the sacrament that will take the place of the animal sacrifices of the Law of Moses. I've always wondered who the artist is and whether or not I could track down the painting.

Last week when I was in the temple, I stopped and looked for the signature on the painting as I was walking past. The first name was pretty clearly "Walter," but the last name was a little trickier. It looked like it might be "Rome," but it could just have easily have been "Rame," or "Rone" or "Rane." But since that didn't leave me with *too* many options, I recited the name to myself over and over so I wouldn't forget it on the drive home.

Upon arriving home, I typed "Walter Rome" into Google and didn't find anything relevant. Lots of stuff about guys named Walter who have connections to the city Rome, though. I tried the variants and still didn't see anything useful. It was late and I didn't know what else to try, so I went to bed.

This afternoon, a few days later, I realized that I still had the tab open for my Google search for Walter the mystery artist. I decided to try a slightly different search and entered "Walter Rame Jesus Christ" into the engine. Somehow, adding those last two words was enough to bring up a link for the artist Walter Rane's website, including a link for purchasing the very print that I loved! Hooray! And now, at the risk of setting up this painting to sound amazing and having someone whose taste in art is different than mine be disappointed, I am including a link so anyone who feels so inclined can see the sight that always makes me happy when I'm leaving the temple. Voila. I have never purchased actual high-end art prints before so I'm still working out what the next step is, but it sounds kind of cool to get a rolled-up canvas delivered in the mail and get it framed . . . hmmm.

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Danielle said...

I love that painting, and I think Walter Rane's work is beautiful. I think my favorite might be one of the waters of Mormon where a girl is getting baptized.