Friday, June 4, 2010

A little bit of sun

So here's a surprise. I like Phoenix. A lot more than I thought I would. I'm such a phytophyll that I've always declared that there's no way I could live in a place more dry than Utah- but I am rather fond of Phoenix. And it partly has to do with the plant life. I went on a walk through downtown Phoenix tonight and found a lovely little shopping center where I stopped for dinner and then sat in a public garden for a while. And while I use the term garden loosely, it was a lovely little place and very aesthetically pleasing.

I continued on my wanderings and stumbled across Arizona State University, and the Historic District, which are right next to each other. By now I had bean pods from a mimosa tree in my backpack and I was holding a beautiful white flower in my hand. I am such a nerd. And it makes me happy.

On my way back, I wandered through the grounds surrounding the Francisca Catholic church near my hotel- St. Mary of the Basilica. Here I was met by a mystery. I found trees that had the leaves of a cottonwood with the bark of a birch, while sporting the podlike fruit of a legume. O mystery tree, what art thou? This is one very frustrating thing about not knowing what the foliage is- it's very tricky to find out. I can try just pinching random descriptive words into Google, but that doesn't seem like it would yield much fruit.

Oh yeah, I went to my conference today, too. Met a lot of nice people in the cytogenetics field. Learned a lot about melanoma and bone marrow sample preparation. Had a very nice, fancy business lunch. Ran through my presentation probably about ten times- I still clock in at about 11 1/2 minutes when I run it without looking at my notes, which is a minute and a half too long. If I look at my notes, I can get it in ten, but I guess I like to talk and throw in extra things? How many more times can I practice this thing before I go crazy? Good thing that I will be presenting it in twelve hours . . .

When did I get grown up enough to give presentations at national conferences?


Danielle said...

When DID you get that grown up?! Maybe if you brought your flower and pods it would make you feel less grown up. Although the suit might counter that effect.

cking said...

Sounds cool. Did you know Dayna is in that area too?