Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Memories

Having just updated myself on Becca's blog, and having read the questions she asked at the end of her summer nostalgia post, I figured it would make more sense to respond on my own blog than in a massive comment.

Becca recalled a lot of things that I hadn't thought about in a long time, notably the days when we were young enough to go tearing around the backyard running through the sprinklers. There were days when I think we lived in our swimsuits, just tearing around the yard with the hose and the pool and the sprinklers- and the hot Utah sun always there to keep us warm. Becca reminisced about the garden, too (I just want to mention that it was my idea to put in those garden boxes- I was so proud), and I remember running to the garden while running through the sprinklers and eating fresh peas, pod and all. Those were good times.

Summers have taken on an interesting timbre for me since I was a child- it seemed that I was always recovering from a surgery or an illness in high school, and then I got to college and I seemed to have a penchant for breaking off relationships towards the beginning of the summer, making the summer a time of a different kind of recovery. I had almost forgotten that fun, carefree aspect that summer used to have.

Becca asks:
What was the tallest thing you climbed as a kid?
Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure. I mean, I was a tomboy in a dress for a good few years there, and I'm sure I scaled some very tall trees and playgrounds. I used to sit on top of the beam supporting the swings on the playground in the back yard, which I'm sure my mother hated. Once when Dad was up on the roof fixing the swamp cooler I scrambled up the ladder and walked up the roof to surprise him. I think he about had a heart attack as he guided me back down.

Becca also asks if the children of her readership enjoy the same things now that they did as kids. As I have not yet achieved the blessed state of marriage and motherhood, I don't think I can accurately answer that question at this time, although I fondly hope to be able to do so someday. Meanwhile, I just enjoy the sights of other kids enjoying their summers.

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Rebecca said...

In the meantime, you are a fabulous aunt. I found a web site dedicated to aunts, kind of patterned after the many web sites dedicated to parents. I'll send you the link.