Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small Pleasures

Last night I drove down to Provo with my good friend Graham. We both lived in the same apartment complex for over two years, and we were going down to visit some friends down there. After some witty conversation, we ended up watching the movie "Oscar," which I recommend to anyone who enjoys lighthearted, clean humor. It was made all the better by the fact that our friend Nate is the king of accents, specializing in a mobster-type accent that we all love. So after listening to him and Graham converse in mobster for a while, Graham and I realized it was pretty late and we should get going.

As we got to Graham's car, his phone received a text message, so he pulled it out and discovered it was from me. I'm not so great at remembering to lock my phone, so I was pretty sure it was just a blank text, but upon opening it, Graham discovered a colorful display of balloons along with the words "Happy Birthday" and tinny music being played. We both erupted into laughter. I pulled out my own phone, and discovered that I had in fact sent him the text. The mystery was how the text had gotten into my phone in the first place and how it got sent to Graham. I am still mystified, but he was quite convinced that one of the guys we had been hanging out with had stolen my phone and sent it to him, so just to cover his bases, he sent it to all the guys who had been with us that night. Does anyone have a birthday coming up soon? If so, I can send you a great birthday message through your phone :-)

We've been having highly entertaining lunches at work lately, too. It's kind of hit and miss whether the lunch crew will make lunchtime witty or not, but one of my coworkers, J, is the king of providing entertainment. last week, he decided that we all had personas from the Hundred-Acre Wood, himself being Pooh Bear, of course. A was Piglet because she's very petite, E was Rabbit, I'm not sure why, C was Owl because she's older than us and wears glasses? and D was Eyore, probably because he worries about things sometimes. L became both Kanga and Roo since she is eight months pregnant, and I was dubbed Tigger. I was flattered to be selected as such a vivacious character, which I don't always strive to be at work, since it seems like being a Tigger at work could be counterproductive.

Oftentimes, there is a small flurry of emails sent out right before lunch to establish what time we are going to convene in the lunchroom. I'm not sure why we do this since the consensus is almost always noon, but it happens. On Friday, J sent out the official notice that said: "Lunch is at noon today. Please no ugly people, they upset my digestion."

We all assumed that he hadn't included any ugly people in his list of people that he emailed, so we all showed up for lunch. Always a good time.

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