Sunday, August 16, 2009

Returning to help

I generally do a news scan every day, emphasizing science news but also taking advantage of CNN's top news stories and my igoogle news links to get a general idea of what's going on in the world. This weekend, one story in particular caught my attention. It's my favorite kind of news story, the kind that reports the good things that are happening in the world. In this case, the article tells the story of one Jude Ndambuki, a Kenyan immigrant to New York and a high school chemistry teacher, who in his spare time works with his nonprofit organization called "The Help Kenya Project." The group works with schools and other organizations in Kenya, sending shipments of clothes, books, and refurbished used computers to aid the learning of students there. I highly recommend reading the article, linked above, to get a glimpse of what this man is striving to do.

I am especially impressed that although he now lives in America and enjoys a life with many more comforts than most of his countrymen experience, he is interested in helping as many of them as possible fulfill their dreams of education and a better life. He is quoted as saying, roughly, that many of the children he sends computers to have never seen one before. Having lived in a rural Kenyan village, this is very easily believable for me. My ipod was a serious novelty item.

I am often afraid that living the life I do, surrounded by more comforts than most people in the world can imagine, it will be only too easy for me to forget to reach out and serve those around me- and those not so close to me. There are so many good organizations in place already, it's so easy to choose one and begin influencing the lives of schoolchildren across the globe by sending them books to read or clothes to wear or an old computer to use. Don't ever forget what wealth we live in and don't ever forget how a small sacrifice on your part can result in a huge blessing for someone else.

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