Saturday, August 15, 2009

All the world's a stage

I am one tuckered girl tonight. Apparently playing chaperone to two teenagers on a road trip is enough to tire me out. But it was a good time, I think.

Michael, Angi, and I just got back from attending the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City. I've ben wanting to go for a while, and not being able to coerce anyone else into going with me (although not for lack of trying), I played the prerogative big sister card and asked Misha and Angi if they wanted to come. Angi said yes and as Michael refused to give me a straight answer (something about being fourteen, I think), I chose to interpret the fact that he hadn't said "no" as a positive answer. Consequently, we began our drive south yesterday afternoon, equipped with red vines, cheese sticks, beef jerky, and cherries. Angi kindly allowed me to eat cherries on this trip, although she was still concerned that I might choke on a pit, pass out, and steer the car off the road or something.

I must say, the older those two get, the more fun it is to talk to them. I was chuckling pretty consistently the whole ride down just listening to Angi's witty remarks and Misha's silly interjections.

It's still a little weird to me that I'm grown up enough to do things like drive my two baby siblings to another town across the state, reserve a hotel room, and buy expensive play tickets. I had to chuckle at just how laid-back things are at my house sometimes, too; when we were ready to go, I realized that I hadn't actually spoken to Dad directly about the trip, so when he walked into the room, I told him, "I'm taking your two youngest children with me. We'll be back tomorrow night." "Okay," he replied absently.

All in all, I think the trip was a success. I was surprised at how much Michael enjoyed "The Comedy of Errors," but then it was very well done. Not a bad way to introduce him to Shakespeare, I suppose. Angi's favorite part was probably when we got back to the hotel and she discovered that we could watch an entire episode of her current favorite TV show. I was looking forward to 'The Secret Garden," which has some of my favorite musical songs ever, but both Michael and I, who have been known to sing along to "Winter's on the Wing" and "Wick" in my car, were rather disappointed by the vocal quality of some of the main actors.

And now, we are safely home again. The kids are deposited back with the parents, and I am back in my cozy little apartment, looking forward to my bed. Mmmm.

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