Saturday, July 18, 2009

Questions of decor

Time for a poll. I've been slowly working to make my living room look like a real living room with cool things on the wall and such, and I've been contemplating the idea of taking some of my favorite pictures that I've taken, enlarging them, and framing them either for the living room or just my bedroom. I was really excited about this idea, but now I've suddenly become more reticent. So I'm looking for other opinions. If you were going to put any of the following pictures on your own walls, which would they be? (Or, even if you wouldn't put them on your own wall, which do you like best?) I have my favorites, but I'm not disclosing that information so that this is a blinded test.










Moonsahra said...

I personally like 4, 7, and 8 the best. Four and eight have good contrasts, and 7 has a fun composition. Good luck choosing!

James Kendall said...

I'm a promoter of #8. And I think it's a great idea.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

2, 4, & 7.

Gabe said...

I like 6 7 8 the best. Good pictures. I would suggest doing some touch-up work in The Gimp or Photoshop before printing them though. Do some histogram stretching to bring out the contrast. They'll look great.

Danielle said...

How about 1, 4, 9.

Miss Kate said...

Blink response! - 4,6, and 8. I know, even numbers just aren't the same as prime, but I couldn't help it.

cking said...

Did you take all of these photos??? They are amazing. I need to go to these places

Josh said...

1,2,8. #2 I would like better if it was rotated a few degrees clockwise.

Nice job!

apicaaday said...

love #2 and #7
7-9 are all great
and #4 is cool for the animals
what's even more amazing is that you've ACTUALLY see all of this with your own eyes!
(personally i think you should figure out a way to put them all up)