Monday, July 6, 2009

No man is an island

Dear Becca,
Thank you for pulling over to help me out when my tire blew on my car yesterday on the freeway. Thank you for patiently trying to help me out as we went from one crazy attempt to another for getting the car in a condition where it could be driven the remaining 40 miles to my apartment.

Dear Dad and Mike,
Thank you for doing your best to provide long-distance tech support and exhausting your collective impressive knowledge of cars to try and help us figure out what was wrong and how to fix it long enough to get the car to a shop.

Dear Angi,
Thank you for providing lighthearted conversation and keeping the little boys entertained while we drove into town toting a flat tire that was threatening to smash my lap and legs to try and find a place to either fix it or get a new one.

Dear T and K,
Thank you for staying mostly well-behaved and only teasing each other a little while I was busy being stressed out. T, thank you for the car advice you offered. You know way more about cars than I did when I was seven. And K, thank you for keeping my mind active and engaged by asking me simple math questions along the way.

Dear Tim and Christina,
Thank you for being brave enough to stay with my car with the blown tire on the side of the freeway while the rest of us lugged the tire into town. Thank you for being even braver and driving my car with its treadless front tire down the emergency lane five miles to get off the nearest exit ad meet up with the rest of the crew. Since the gearshift refused to budge from park to drive after you got out of the car, I'm glad you chose a decent location to leave it, since it ended up spending the night there.

Dear everyone already mentioned,
Thank you for patiently taking a four hour detour out of your plans to be home at a decent hour so that I wasn't stranded outside of Ogden all night. It's kind of ironic that we had to leave the car off the side of the freeway after all that, but thank you for getting me safely home.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for being willing at the drop of a hat to drive me up to Ogden to retrieve my car, even though you are busy studying for the bar exam. I don't think I could ask for a better neighbor.

Dear Megan,
Thank you for calling me about going to the natural history museum so I could explain my car situation to you and you could offer to take over Daniel's position of driving me around, since it was your day off. Thanks for driving me to work so I could get a few critical things done and driving me to Ogden to find my car had not been vandalized or stolen as I had worried. Thanks for deciding to jaunt out to Willard's Bay while we waited for the tow truck to show up and thanks for the excellent conversation about serving and selflessness on the car ride back as well as the excellent singing along to the Wicked soundtrack at the top of our lungs. Thanks for deciding to stop and look at that great little vintage furniture store while we waited for the two truck to arrive and thanks for going to lunch with me at the Mongolian barbecue while we waited for the damage to be assessed at the shop. Thanks for asking the mechanic if we could get in the car while it was being hoisted up to begin work- I would never have thought to have done that. Thanks for taking me back to work and picking me up again in the evening.

Dear car,
Thanks for not getting hurt any worse than you did, and for not getting me hurt at all. I'll be glad to see you again in your repaired state with new tires and a repaired inside fender wall. Let's not try any tricks like that again, shall we?


Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

Dear Maria,
I am glad everything turned out well, and am so grateful for this fun insight to your incredibly interesting life!

Karen Reid said...

Sounds like quite the adventure! I'm glad that you have so many people around to support you. :-)