Monday, July 27, 2009

Conquering mountains in pictures

There's been a shortage of pictures on my blog lately. That's not because I'm anti-photography, it has more to do with a couple of adventures my camera has had, including the fact that my computer refuses to acknowledge that my camera exists. The long-term solution to this, getting a new laptop to replace the five-year-old trooper that Matt bequeathed to me, is in the works. Fortunately for me, Cim took some pictures along the way to the summit of Timp, so I have proof that I was there:


laura marie said...

Wow Maria.
Nice hoodie.
I like it.
I didn't know you ran Orem XC.
Can I get one of my own?

Maria said...

Maybe if you're really good, one will magically appear at the house in your room or something.

Anonymous said...