Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some friendships are meant to be

One of the first people I met in my ward in Salt Lake was a spunky, cheerful girl named Megan. We quickly discovered that we had a lot in common and were kind of amazed that we hadn't met each other before. She grew up in Centerville with some of my good friends from BYU, Graham, Jared, and Nate. She served a mission in Taiwan with my friend Brooke and my even better friend and old roommate Karen. In fact, she also lived with Karen- and she and Karen moved into a certain apartment in a certain building just months after I moved out of the exact same apartment. In fact, we were both invited to Karen's wedding and we would have both been there if I hadn't been out of the country. We both were looking at job options in Boston before accepting positions in Salt Lake. Now she's dating my fun and friendly neighbor right across the hall, Daniel.

However, tonight was the clincher. We went out to get something to eat tonight and it came to light that we are both currently reading "The Story Girl" by L.M. Montgomery, author of "Anne of Green Gables," but much more obscure, and we are both more or less at the same part of the book. We laughed for ten minutes over that one. What are the odds? We decided that based on that one fact alone, we are pretty much destined to be friends.

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Karen Reid said...

How fun!! I'm so glad you met Meagan. She's so awesome. You will love each other. She's really good at discussing those things that are really important, and leaves you feeling happy and significant. Yeah!! Tell her hi for me.