Monday, June 1, 2009

Always a new adventure

I spent the afternoon in a small darkroom looking at light-sensitive fluorescently labeled slides on my microscope. Unfortunately, for some reason the intercom system doesn't pipe into some of the labs, so I heard something muffled being announced a couple of times, but could never quite make out what it was. Then, just as I was coming out, another announcement was made and I caught the tail end of it- something about a snake incident. What on earth? I wondered. But I assumed it must not be code for an emergency at least, because nothing else happened.

Then I got back to my desk and discovered that I hadn't misheard- there was in fact a snake incident, a rattlesnake was sighted in the parking lot and there had been some emails sent out to all the employees advising them that help was on the way and to be careful if we needed to go near that area. I missed the whole thing by staying sequestered in my little room. All that excitement passed me right by. Drat.

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