Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beating the Odds

What are the odds of getting three flat tires in one week? Because I think it's pretty impressive, in a rather depressing way. Maybe I should just say that it's depressive. Apparently whoever owned my car before me favored beauty over function and the fancy chrome rims that my car came with have been slowly decaying away so the tires don't seal properly, hence my flats. I currently have the spare affixed to the left front wheel because my left front rim is apparently in poor enough condition to be essentially non-fixable. Tonight's homework assignment: find a good place to get metal rims for a decent price. If all goes well, Saturday's fun chore will be having the new rims put on the car, possibly with some new tires, since mine have taken something of a beating from deflating so easily.

Here's a slightly better case of beating the odds, though. I talked to Laura a couple of days ago and she informed me that her roommate Lisa was coming in from California on Thursday (today) for a visit. She mentioned that they would be lunching in Salt Lake and told me I could join them if I so desired. I laughed a little because I already had lunch plans for today with my friend McKay, who is also visiting from California. He and Josh came by and we managed to get ourselves lost looking for The Gateway Mall, which was embarrassing for me because I live in Salt Lake and embarrassing for McKay because he'd been there within the last year. Josh claimed no embarrassment.

We found ourselves hankering after pizza and thus once we finally found the mall, headed for the California Pizza Kitchen, where we were amused by our server, who was a little absentminded and assured us at one point that he didn't drink before coming to work. He also accidentally brought me a strawberry smoothie instead of strawberry lemonade, so I ended up getting the smoothie for free, on top of the lemonade. This also made Josh happy, since he hadn't ordered a drink and I decided to let him have some smoothie. He happily worked on inventing a long straw by splicing two of them together so he wouldn't have to exert himself and lean forward.

While we were chilling waiting for our non-drunk server to bring our pizza, I realized two girls were trying to get my attention. Lo and behold, it was Laura and Lisa! Laura had mentioned that she would be at the Gateway, but I had completely forgotten. It was exceptionally random- what are the odds of running into one's sister at a restaurant in Salt Lake when you are both dining out with friends visiting from California? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the odds are pretty small.

In other news, I hate few things more than driving on the freeway in torrential rain. Especially if there are semis also on the freeway. I hate driving by semis on the freeway in bad weather. Also, one of my tomato plants is sporting small green berries! (yes, a tomato does qualify as a berry- it has a soft, fleshy exterior, middle section, and center, or exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp, which is the botanical definition of a berry). Also, PETA is kind of ridiculous sometimes. If you aren't aware of their "sea kitten" publicity stunt, you should take a look, especially at the sea kitten stories. And the reason I bring this up is because of a news article that caught my eye today. Apparently President Obama is under mild condemnation- for killing a housefly. Oh, let the good times roll.

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Anonymous said...

That's right. Zero embarrassment. Thanks, that was fun!