Wednesday, April 29, 2009

See how they grow Part II

Today is my baby brother's birthday! He's now fourteen years old. To put a little perspective on his life relative to mine, I started college when he started first grade. He was six. Now he's about to become a high school freshman.

Michael has always been my special bud. I love his refreshing take on life, his optimistic attitude, his caring nature, and his sense of humor. When I think of Michael, I think of

-books. First and foremost, I think of books. For quite a while, I would take Michael to the library and he would request that I give him books to read. I thought this was lots of fun. Then he got a little older and he started giving me books to read, too. He's got good taste in books, I always enjoy the ones he gives me.

-Music. Michael is an excellent trumpet player. He also decided recently that he wants to learn more instruments, so I gave him a rudimentary lesson on my old flute. He has an excellent ear, and can pick out just about any tune you give him.

-Animals. I love watching him with his two pet rats, Salt and Pepper. He loves animals, and it's fun to see how gentle he is with them.

I also love doing new things with Michael because his enthusiasm is so refreshing. A few years ago during a boring break from school, I took him to the fabric store and we came home with the supplies to make a hoodie. We had so much fun together while he figured out how all the different pattern pieces worked together.

Happy Birthday, Michael!

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laura marie said...

Hey! I was about to write about Mike. Don't worry. Mine will a more I'm-only-5-years-older perspective.