Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Angering the sleep gods

Monday, April 20

2:30 AM- woke up abruptly and completely. Pondered the fact that I was also very hungry. After lying in bed for half an hour thinking about a very pleasant topic that unfortunately didn't help me get back to sleep, got up, drank chocolate milk, and finished the last hundred pages or so of "Heidi"

4:00 AM- attempted to fall back asleep. Succeeded after a while

6:45 AM- rudely awakened by my alarm. After laying in bed and trying to ignore it for about 20 minutes, finally got up, dressed, and off to work.

8 AM to 4:45 PM- read papers about chronic lymphoid leukemia, followed L through a new piece of the maze-like building to learn how to ship things off in the shipping room, had a very enjoyable lunch with the cytogenetics people, went to staff meeting and enjoyed the free treats, and set up a troubleshooting project. Only dozed off once or twice.

4:45- ran to the in-house gym to beat the post-work crowd and did a 4-mile workout on the ellyptical. Starting to feel good about the 5K I signed up for in June.

5:30- drove home, grabbed my dinner contribution and headed straight to the pre-FHE potluck dinner (tonight's theme: picnic foods, eaten on a blanket in the backyard). Discovered that the plan for FHE was to play games. Wished I hadn't worked out quite so hard.

7:00- began a rousing game of Ultimate frisbee with my ward. Kept threatening to leave after the next point because I was so tired, but the game was too fun. Stuck it out until after 8:30.

9:00- collapsed on my couch and got ready for bed. Had a great conversation with Matt.

11:00- read scriptures and fell soundly asleep.

4:00 AM, Tuesday- woke up suddenly and completely and, oddly enough, ravenously hungry. After laying in bed for a bit, decided that it was pointless to fall back asleep for such a short period of time, and so, of course, I decided to blog about it instead. Am I part of the 21st century or what?

Today's agenda: go to work, go straight from work to dinner with Aunt Gladys, go straight from dinner to the airport, where I will meet up with the rest of my family and we will welcome my brother Mark home from his mission, drive home, and crash into bed. Keep naps at my desk to a minimum.


Matt said...

Sounds like an exciting life!

Karen Reid said...

Xinku, Mia! (that's a Chinese expression of pity) Good luck with all that!