Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sew excited!

I'm not really a gadgety person. I own a disturbing number of electronic devices considering this, but most of them were given to me. Thus, I have an ipod nano, but unlike everyone else who owns an ipod, it is not my fifth appendage. Likewise, my first cell phone was a gift, and now that I've come to grips with owning a cell phone, I own the cheapest model I could find that still seemed pretty reliable (and considering how many times the thing has been dropped, it's doing pretty well). Also, I can go for a couple of days without my cell phone in my pocket and be just fine. Computer? It used to belong to my brother; when he upgraded, I got this little friend for the cost of some repair work.

Actually, I'm a little disturbed by how reliant many of my friends seem to be upon their electronic toys. It is the plague of the 21st century and I'm doing my best to avoid catching it.

However, I do have a brand new toy that I am incredibly excited about. I suppose it can't really be called an electronic device, although they do come computerized sometimes. Mine is just electric. I don't think they sell them with manual foot pedals any more, although it might be kind of interesting to try.

This new arrival is my very own sewing machine! A sweet new pearlescent Bernina. Compared to my mother's sturdy old machine that's pushing thirty years, it seems amazingly high tech, even compared to its computerized cousins.

I'm a special kind of nerd, you see. I am honestly almost giddy with pleasure at the thought of having my own machine to create clothing, bags, and such things with. I'm not really sure how I learned how to sew. Okay. I know how I learned how to sew- my mother, bless her heart, taught me. But I had such a love-hate relationship with it for so long that it's amazing anything stuck, and even more amazing that I enjoy it so much now. In honor of the occasion, I also purchased material and patterns from the 50% off sale at the fabric store to create two new skirts, one in a beautiful pink embroidered gabardine, and the other an intense silvery orange polyester, with a silver underskirt.

This is the kind of gadget that makes my heart glad. Does anyone want to have a sewing party?


ritchiesranch said...

Maria, you can't go wrong with a Bernina - Marie

Danielle said...

The only kind of sewing party I am interested in having is one where you do all the sewing. I am seriously impressed with your sewing abilities. I remember all that great stuff you made in Nauvoo, while I was only able to crochet a shoelace. Also, if you can use the word gabardine, you are an official sewer.

Laura said...

I'd be interested in a sewing party where you teach me to make a skirt. I've made a few before, but never on my own. I've been dreaming lately of making another one, but fear of failure is holding me back. So, if I ever move back to Utah, I'll hire you as my sewing instructor!