Saturday, May 24, 2008


We have an epidemic.

I'm not quite sure how they found their way into the sterile lab in the basement, but somehow, a colony of small, annoying fruitfly looking insects have, in fact, found their way into the sterile lab in the basement. I suspect that now that they are here, they are surviving off of alcohol fumes and breeding in the experimental plants, which are our equivalent of lab rats.

They're not so bad except that they insist on flying directly in front of my face and won't leave even when I swat at them, unless I swat hard enough (kind of like your stereotypical younger sibling).

Also, they have apparently decided that pools of liquid are their burial grounds. There are quite a few of those around the lab, in melting ice buckets, gel boxes, random beakers full of various aqueous compounds, etc. And I have found a disturbing number of dead flies floating in these liquids. While it's not enough to gross me out, it sure is enough to annoy me- and make me throw out certain liquids that need to be sterile.

I'm not sure what tack to take exactly, but we need to declare war.


michael Sederberg secretary in the cheese club said...

are you talking about me?

Maria said...

No, no, no. None of my younger siblings are stereotypical. I've been very lucky that way.