Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Foray

I've debated with myself many times about whether or not I would start a blog, and I've actually concluded many times that I would- only to talk myself back out of it. I think it boils down to my long walks to and from campus. I often spend this time composing fabulous essays in my mind about things I've recently read, seen, or heard about, and I often get excited to write these things down and share them- possibly in the form of a blog. But then by the time I get to a computer, the beautiful ideas have lost their shape and I conclude that the blog wasn't a great idea, after all.
I'm not sure what finally changed. I don't have any neat experiences with a cute spouse to catalog, like can be found on my brother and sister-in law, Matt and Tricia's blog. I don't have adorable children to document, like can be found on my sister Rebecca's blog. I don't follow sporting events, as can be found on my brother Tim's blog. I do however, have some rusty writing skills that need to be honed, lots of funny little moments and thoughts, and plenty of observations. We'll see how it goes.


Rebecca said...

Looking forward to reading your essays.

Love, Bec

Joel said...

You should spend less time composing essays in your head when your walking. So you would be able to wave back at your cousin working when you walk past.

Matthew Sederberg said...

Roo! Glad to see your blog--hey, let me know when I can buy you some Dunford Donuts so you can match some of our profound experiences! ;-)

the Allen Fam-Bam said...

I'm excited to keep in touch a little better! I like your blog name - so clever.