Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Abundant Life

There are times in my life where everything seems to line up. It's not that everything is perfect or that I'm always happy or even content, but it's that almost every aspect of my life feels fulfilling and stretching. I can still see the imperfections, but I also can see how I can fix them, and I realize that I can't fix them all at once, that it's a journey. These are times that are filled with good people and good activities, that don't allow me to float by effortlessly but create and provide constructive means for development. And a large part of that, I think, comes from inside of me, but a lot of it is also the result of external blessings that I'm given for different seasons in my life.

I think that now is one of those times. I get up in the morning and have a great conversation with Heavenly Father and listen to a little NPR (something about NPR always make me feel productive). I'm rather fond of cream of wheat right now, so after my morning bowl, I scratch together a lunch (bonus points if it involves yummy leftovers) and enjoy my ten-minute commute and the fact that I encounter minimal traffic.

I get to work and am immediately faced by situations and research projects that require me to actively think things through and study things out. I run tests and procedures that, indirectly, impact the lives of lots of people. I learn fascinating things about molecular biology. When I go to lunch, I enjoy the company of great friends whose company I enjoy.

In the evenings, depending on the day, I may go to my excellent Institute class and learn more about the most recent teachings of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency, or attend an endowment session in the temple to take a step back from life and ponder things of a greater nature, or attend a voice lesson, or go to a choir rehearsal, or work on my grandmother's biography, or, on rare nights, kick back and read for a while. In between times, my roommates and I participate in all kinds of adventures. They are currently making a late-night dinner in our kitchen right now, to be followed by watching Beauty and the Beast (we'll see how much of that I stay up for . . .)

Or other adventures take place. Last Friday night we went hot springing outside of Ogden under the full moon. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are common. There's always something going on and it's always enjoyable.

On Saturday, I got to meet my newest nephew, Henry. He was born on Wednesday and he and his parents were nicely situated back at home when I came down to Orem. It was wonderful to meet the tiny boy. It's been a while since I've held such a new-born baby, and it was a wonderful reminder of how precious life is.

Seasons like this are a gift, and I hope that I am using it wisely to stretch and grow and serve. It's so good, and I am at peace, and happy.

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