Monday, January 25, 2010

Reasons Why Today is Special

Today is special because the view through the three-story glass atrium at work, of the whole valley in one sweeping vista, was crystal clear and pristine in amazing shades of blue and white and gray.

Today is special because I had a great talk with my roommate Cassaundra about some of the challenges we've faced or are facing and it made me feel closer to her and also refreshed my soul.

Today is special because I got to play miniature golf in the church with my friends Jamie and Mary and Chad and we all enjoyed each other's company.

Today is special because after our Relief Society lesson on service, taken from President Monson's conference talk in October, I'm reinstating my service journal to keep a daily record of things I do for others.

Today is special because it's bubble wrap appreciation day.

Today is special because all days are special and full of wonderful things, but today is extra special because a new temple was announced today for Payson, Utah, making the first temple between Provo and Manti.

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Karen Reid said...

Yeah!! That is so great!!