Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summertime is here

Once we've been to the cousins' house to go swimming, there can no longer be any doubt that summer is here. It was a pretty swelteringly warm day, confirming the summeriness.

Lois was a little concerned about going out in the deep end of the pool, so we settled her in a turtle-floating device intended for small children and loaded her up with noodles. She felt better after that, but it still took her a while to warm up to the deep end:

However, once she warmed up, she was very excited to actually be in the water. With an exclamation of joy, she flung away the noodles:

. . . and converted Tricia to the joys of the deep end by taking her on a little swim while safely ensconced in the turtle tube:

Then the boys became jealous of the fact that the girls had the turtle tube, and consequently, Jake decided to impress us with his amazing technique by jumping directly into the leg holes within the turtle tube, designed for someone a quarter his age (or less):

(I'm pretty pleased with that action shot, by the way).

Below, you can see Jake enjoying the fruits of his labors (ie, he won the rights to the turtle tube in the deep end), while Matt relaxes by floating on his back. Note that Matt is careful to protect his eyes from anything harmful (chlorine, UV rays, bugs, small children), by wearing his goggles at all times.

Of course, Jake didn't get to enjoy it in peace for long, because there were other men around who wanted to try their figurative hands at jumping into the turtle tube. Below is an excpetionally fine still of Luke about to plunge into an inner tube. He did not land on Jake's head, although from the angle of the camera it looks like he is about to.

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laura marie said...

MARIA!! I was NOT scared. Not really, that is. Although, cool picture of Jake.