Thursday, July 31, 2008

Living in a van down by the river

I suppose I should have suspected back in May that I wouldn't be able to leave Provo in time to avoid getting a contract for student housing this fall. And now the complex where I currently live is all filled up and I have minimal desire to just pick an apartment and move, since I will a) only be around for a couple of months and b) spending all my time during those couple of months completing and defending a thesis and finding a job, which means my ability to make new friends will be sorely lacking.
Does anyone know of a place I can sleep at night from the end of August to October?


apicaaday said...

rotate between friends houses and home ORRR see if some one will let you "rent" couch sleeping space!

laura marie said...

I have an extra bed in my bedroom, but by the time you will need it, you can use BOTH beds!!