Sunday, June 8, 2008

Won't somebody come and play?

When I was a young thing, it was generally understood in my family that it was wisdom to not play Scrabble with Becca or Monopoly with Matt. I believe these games were a sign of things to come, because Becca went on to get a degree in English and Matt majored in economics. There were no games that I was the master of, although I did memorize a children's botanical encyclopedia when I was six and go on to get a degree in plant biology. No one would ever have contests with me to see who knew the most about plants, though. Depressing.

I digress. It is interesting to me that while I have never developed a love for Monopoly (maybe this had to do with the fact that the games took so long and required some sort of monetary prowess which I did not possess. Also, Matt did possess this prowess, and loved playing the game so much that he would give people loans when they ran out of money just so he could keep playing), I did develop a love for Scrabble, and by association, other excellent word games such as Boggle. I can even kind of hold my own against Becca now, and we all actually enjoy playing together, even if I don't win (this might be a good place to insert, before my older siblings can, that I used to be a holy terror to play games with. In fact, for a while, if it looked like I was losing- which was often- then I would be granted points just for not throwing a temper tantrum. Luckily for all, those days have been in the past for well over a decade now).

Upon moving away from home, I discovered that I had a sad shortage of games in my possession. So, seeking to remedy this, Santa kindly gave me my very own Scrabble board and Boggle box for Christmas a year and a half ago. This pleased me greatly! However, I have, since then, come to the alarming realization that not all of the excellent people of my acquaintance enjoy games such as these. So I am on the hunt now for such people. I am looking forward to visiting Becca in a month, because I know she'll play with me. But is there anyone a little closer than California who will engage in a little wordsmith combat with me? I'll even make treats.


Danielle said...

Ha ha! I love word games. The real queen in my family is my sister Kim; you should DEFINITELY invite her over for your party if you want a good challenge. And me to eat the treats.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I love boggle with all my heart! I beg you to include me in any kind of tournament as my family will not play any word games at all with me. Eagle Mountain is far, but not as far as California. Also- I love that you are looking for new people to play with rather than new games that will appease the people around you!! Way to stick to your guns sister!! :)

Maria said...

Amanda, I think we just became better friends. How did I not know this about you?