Thursday, June 26, 2008

The adventures of an accidental scientst: part II

Sometime at the beginning of this year, a small lab was cleared out and turned into a room for the microscopes and microscope related equipment. Since I use microscopes a decent amount and most of the other kids in the lab do not, this became essentially my lab- mine and Dr. J's. It's pretty small, but it's kind of nice to have my own space. This is my light microscope, the more high-tech one:
After we got things kind of moved in, Dr. J left me a list of things to do on the whiteboard. After a couple of days, I noticed that someone had added to the list. Item 4 was not there originally:
Now, knowing the character who was responsible for this addition, I was not surprised at all and I rolled my eyes a little. A few days later, I noticed on Facebook that he had demanded brownies from another girl who used to be in our program.

Later in the semester, this announcement appeared on the whiteboard in the main lab:

When Dr. C saw it, he found a few pennies in his pocket to donate to the worthy cause. I assume he was hoping Jared would use them to go on a date and get rid of his status as a bachelor. Dr. M tried to convince Jared that I had spit in the bag, but fortunately that was not very believable.

What was believable was when this notice appeared on the lab whiteboard a while later:

Heh. Someone tried changing the greater than sign to be a less than sign, and erased the 5. But Jared, with his sharp acumen, noticed and changed it back. I have to hand it to him- he's persistent.

Also, to be fair, he's the only on who remembered my birthday in the lab, and even made brownies to bring up. He planned to take a special courier bag to campus instead of his backpack for easier brownie transportation. He got to campus, looked into the courier bag, and discovered that he had left the brownies at home. But we'll give him an "A" for effort.

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Josh said...

Nice censorship on those images. Oh, and, by the way, "Dr. J" is about the coolest name a professor could ever have. If he also plays basketball and has an afro, even better!