Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did I start something?

Several days ago while I was paying a trip to the greenhouses, I noticed that some of the horticulture people had been working with plants and tossed several perfectly good stems of blooming geraniums into the trash. Not wanting to waste the bright red flowers, I picked them out and took them back to the lab, where I put them in a coplin jar full of water. They withered a few days later, I tossed them out, and kind of forgot about it.

Then on Tuesday, I came up to the lab and discovered a huge red amaryllis sitting in a flask- right by my work station. Today, it is even accompanied by roses in a beaker:

I'm not sure who's behind this and if they are intentionally leaving the flowers by my workbench or not, but I'm sure getting a kick out of it.

Update: The flowers are courtesy of our Bolivian grad student, Amalia. Now I'm really not sure why they're by my workbench instead of hers. She does work with chloroform a lot . . . maybe she was afraid the fumes would be bad for the flowers. I know they're bad for me. :-)

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