Friday, May 7, 2010

It serves me to be conscious of what I'm doing . . .

Heh. I came home tonight for some party time with Michael and Angela. I discovered a while ago that it can be beneficial for me to keep certain items at my parents' house, so just in case I end up spending the night unplanned (which has happened a couple times), I don't end up going without brushed teeth or anything like that. So normally in the main bathroom there's a toothbrush, some face wash, a contact case, contact solution, and mouthwash for me.

Because of this, I often leave my toothbrush etc. in Salt Lake when I know I'll be spending the night in Orem because it's easier to not take them back and forth. Thus, when I threw some things in an overnight bag this morning, it involved pajamas, makeup, hair stuff, and clothes for tomorrow.

What I didn't count on was the bathroom renovation. I knew that Laura had taken it on herself to redo the main bathroom, but I wasn't anticipating somehow the completely dismantled room, with the big mirror taken down, shreds of wallpaper all over the floor, and yellow paint drying merrily on the walls. This is all well and good, I am a fan of progress. Then I realized that my belongings had been mostly placed on a shelf on the wall that was definitely not there any more. After a brief search in which I began strategizing where the nearest place was that I could go to buy a new toothbrush, I found most of what I was after- toothbrush, mouthwash, contact case. After a little more searching, I found a green container that looked a lot like the random facewashes that can be found in my house at times, so I grabbed them all and headed down to the basement bathroom to prepare myself for sleep. Teeth brushed, contacts out. I got my face wet and applied some of the creamy cleanser. It was exceptionally creamy, and felt a little thin for a masque- hadn't I seen the word masque on the front of the tube? Yep, there it was- "volumizing masque?" Why on earth are they advertising a facewash that is volumizing?

At this point, between the texture of the stuff and the word "volumizing" on the front of the tube, I began to get suspicious. Nowhere else on the front of the tube did it advertise exactly what this stuff was, so I turned it over. No major clarification there, either, until I started reading the instructions. "Apply to wet hair . . ."

Ah. It suddenly made sense. Most girls, while not wanting their faces to be voluminized, do desire to see more voluminization in their hair. Apparently the word s"conditioner" and "masque" are interchangeable. After a hearty chuckle, I washed off the conditioner and decided that my face was clean enough. If I wake up tomorrow morning with a voluminous face, I'll be sure to write the company and let them know that their product works. Maybe Angi just keeps choosing voluminizing mascaras, and she's not actually allergic to them after all. Hm.

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