Monday, September 15, 2008

A little change for the better

After having lived in numerous apartments with sixty different girls, I've concluded that apartments are just like families. Some are great and some are dysfunctional. Last year's apartment was kind of dysfunctional.

I'm happy to report that after moving yet again, three weeks ago, I am now very happily installed in a functional apartment. Not only do I actually see my roommates more than a couple of times a week, we actually do things together. Last night, for example, we all sat around in our back hall and just talked for a good long while. I got to bed much later than I intended, but I didn't realize how hungry I'd become for good friends in my apartment. I'm drinking it up.

A few weeks ago, just to make sure there are no criminals among us, we all took each others' footprints for documentation. Construction paper and blue acrylic paint is very tech-savvy.

This weekend, the adventure was making salsa for the entire ward to partake of at our ward prayer activity. The tomatoes were courtesy of my family. My father, being a great lover of tomatoes, always plants more plants than we can keep up with come fall. So Holly, Kristel, and I piled up to Orem and gathered about two grocery bags full of bright red, orange, and yellow tomatoes, grabbed some other veggies at the store, and proceeded to spend the evening chopping.

I noticed that I was slicing alternating red and yellow tomatoes. Aren't they pretty? And good for food art.

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Moonsahra said...

The foot prints kill me! I love it. I always knew you were cool....