Friday, August 29, 2008

Political flame in the lab

Heh. Upon arriving at the lab this morning, I noticed that most of the professors' doors had "Obama '08" stickers on them. I furrowed my brow a little because many of them are die-hard Republicans.
It came clear recently that it was a prank played by an unknown assailant. Dr. C, who is one of the most civic-minded people I know, is going around asking everyone if they put the stickers on the doors. Dr. C is over 6'6", so generally people tell him the truth. He just questioned Dr. U, and when Dr. U denied any involvement, Dr. C looked at him suspiciously and said, "you're the only Democrat I know." And of course when I say suspiciously I mean that there was a good deal of humor intermingled, but Dr. C would definitely like to get this sticker off his door. Poor man. Good thing I finished watching Obama's acceptance speech for the Democratic ticket online before he came through.


Rebecca said...

You were watching a Democrat's acceptance speech in the lab?

Maria said...

It was one of those days when I started some reactions and then there was nothing else to do- it's like putting a cake in the oven; you can't do much until the cake is done.