Friday, August 15, 2008


I was having a conversation with Josh, my favorite linguist, in which we discussed words that end with -diction. The word benediction came up, and from there, somehow we come to ponder the word "benaddiction." Are there addictions that could be beneficial?

We concluded that there are, in fact, benaddictions. Some of them would be as follows:
1- Being addicted to doing one's best.
2- Paying one's tithing
3- Serving others
4- Getting enough sleep every night
5- Eating healthily

Please note that if any of these benaddictions become obsessions, they are no longer healthy addictions. But there is one benaddiction that will keep all others in check if applied: being moderate (in one's lifestyle, not necessarily politically, that is).

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Nasty Butler said...

I don't know...sometimes being moderate politically can help things too. ;)