Friday, October 22, 2010

Salt and Sand and Pictures

Bugging has paid off! Trevor and Dave relinquished their photos.

If you enlarge this photo, you can see some of the stars. It was a gorgeous night.

And the next morning, the sunrise was brilliant.

See the cars in the middle of the picture? Yeah. That was us. This was really the middle of nowhere. Nothing around.

Here's a closeup. No heads are visible because it was also pretty cold. I was glad for a blanket to put over my head, since I had no hat.

Sarah and Brian brought the potato gun, and Trevor was thrilled to use it. His first time firing a potato gun. The look on my face in this picture is fairly typical for me when I'm taking to Trevor. He's just one of those people who can bring that look out on my face. And yet, somehow we are still good friends.

Preparing to enter the first mine. I think we took this picture in case we didn't make it out alive.

Disturbingly, but in a cool way, we did encounter something that did *not* make it out of the mine alive

We also came across albino crickets- we didn't think the mine was big enough to have things like albino crickets, but, hey. We thought they were cool.

Cool enough to examine up close. Hello, there, crickets.

Such mountain goats we are- definitely the steepest hike I've ever been on. And yet, I still stop to examine the foliage.

The great view of the salt flats from higher up- what a crazy little corner of the world.

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Chapples said...

What a fun adventure!