Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend of contrast

I woke up last Friday morning to see snow out the window. This was not pleasing, but I was okay with the fact that it was snowing because I was flying out of town later that day to go to Las Vegas.

I had a much better time in Vegas than most people do, because I didn't lose a cent of money to the slot machines. Instead, I went and played with Danielle and her family- Adam, her husband, and their three kids.

The highlights of the weekend were as follows:

No snow! Nice, warm weather in the 70's

Danielle's little boy, Jacob, kept forgetting my name and referring to me as "that girl" or "you." This was very hilarious.

Danielle's baby is one of the happiest infants I have ever seen, and I've seen a few.I think my heart melted a few times.

When Danielle and I lived together in Provo, she was studying piano performance in college and we would often have music nights where she would play the piano and I would sing. I took a good chunk of my music books along and we had a wonderful time
playing through our old favorites. Hooray!

Little Cindy went through a routine each night where she pointed out that my toothbrush was in the toothbrush holder along with her and Jacob's, as though this was the most pleasing thing in the world to her.

Now I am back in Utah and it is, again, snowing. Hard. And foggy. But I think it will warm up soon and then it will be spring for real!

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Danielle said...

That was one of my best weekends in a long long time. I'm feeling wistful that it has to be over and we have to wait to play/sing for so long. We miss you and Jacob keeps asking about "that girl". HA! Either that, or Baria.