Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A situational lapse in judgement

I'm a firm believer that there really aren't that many stupid people in the world; there are just lots of people who have judgement lapses. Most of these are temporary. But some of them are situational.

Every day now, for a few weeks, I've been wondering-- what kind of judgement lapse leads someone to leave their toothbrush laying with the head hanging over the edge of the sink? I understand that it might help the toothbrush dry- but friends, let's think about this scenario for a moment. If the toothbrush is within a few inches of the tap, it's going to get sprayed with water occasionally throughout the day. And not just nice, clean water, but water that is washing people's dirty hands. And most people who are washing their hands in the bathroom sink are doing so because their hands are dirty from . . . doing their business.

I'm really not sure how this fact has escaped the notice of this particular fastidious person. Although having a healthy bacterial flora in one's mouth is a good thing, I'm pretty sure the kind of bacteria resulting from the this activity is precisely the kind that one does not want in one's oral flora. Yuck! It's pretty hard to gross me out, but yuck-o!

Now, I'm sure I have my own situational judgement lapses often, as do we all, but this is just a call to action against one in particular. If you or anyone you know is leaving their toothbrush out to be splashed by bathroom bacteria, put a stop to it!

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