Saturday, October 18, 2008

Goin' out on the town

Date at 6 PM. It is now 5:35. In characteristic Maria style, I'm pretty much ready to go. For some reason, I just hate the thought of making people wait for me, especially dates. It strikes me as incredibly tacky; if the guys goes to the trouble of planning and paying, the least I can do is be on time and look nice.

In non-typical Maria fashion, I've spent the last half hour trying to figure out what an appropriate outfit is. Semi-casual is the general pick, which limits the wardrobe somewhat, since I only have three pairs of pants that I would consider semi-casual. Hmmm. I decided on the brown pants, and then pulled out a few shirts that would potentially go well. Turquoise top is cute but then I notice the stain on the side. How does that always happen to me? I put on the pink top and am pleased with the results but decide it's kind of bold. Where are all my roommates when I need them? It's not often that I really feel like I need a second opinion on my outfit, but for some reason I really feel unsettled right now.

I decide to leave on the pink top unless someone comes home soon and tells me it looks awful. Then I realize that my nice purse is a reddish color. It definitely clashes with the shirt in a big way. I don't normally worry about things like this, either,
but this color clash is definitely not attractive. The pink top goes on my bed and I opt for plain white. According to Angela, this is my best color, anyway.

Wow. That was really more challenging than normal. Probably it didn't help that I can't find two or three of my standby nicer articles of clothing. I wonder how long they've been missing? Since the last move? In that case, I'm probably toast.

*sigh.* Even though the getting ready was challenging tonight, I am feeling good in that I actually know what the evening is going to entail, so I knew what to wear and that I shouldn't eat beforehand. I want to commend all men everywhere who convey these vital pieces of information to their dates before the date takes place.

For example, I went on one last month where the gentleman in question refused to tell me what the plans were beforehand, although he kept reassuring me that he did actually have plans. Heh. I was able to gracefully extract from him the information that we'd be inside in order to be able to dress accordingly (in civilian clothing, as he put it. I then wanted to know if we were doing undercover work). However, brethren, if you ask a young lady on a date for an ambiguous hour such as 7 PM, she has no way of knowing if dinner is in the plans. This means she can either eat beforehand and look like she's turning up her nose at your offerings, or she can not eat and risk starving if dinner is not in the plans. I don't think I've ever actually starved on a date, but I have sometimes opted for the "eat a small snack that can tide me over until later if no eating is part of the evening" plan. Good heavens, is it that hard to let a girl know?

As a female veteran of the dating scene, I strongly encourage men to make sure the girl gets three pieces of information when you ask her out: Make sure she knows it's a date, first off. You may think it's clear from what you're saying, but I can count at least three occasions when I didn't know I was being asked out until after the call was completed. Once, when I thought it was a gathering of old high school friends, I was on the verge of asking the guy if I should invite anyone else before it occurred to me that this might be a paired off situation. Using the word "date" in the conversation will completely eliminate any ambiguity. Kids, by the time you're in college, you're big enough to stop skirting the issue. Yep, you can date. As an addendum, if no money is going to be expended, then this is much less of a big deal in my book. It's when you're going out for ice cream that I need to know if I should bring my wallet or not.

Second, even if you want the actual activity to be a surprise, please let her know what kind of activity it is, just so she knows what to wear. Going hiking in the wrong shoes will definitely ruin the date (although that one has never happened to me, fortunately).

Third, like I mentioned, make it clear whether or not dinner is part of the plans. Obviously you don't have to come right out and say "we won't be eating," but if you are including dinner, let her know!

For some reason, I feel better after having got that off my chest. Also, my roommate Chante came home and told me that my outfit looks fine. Bless you, Chante.


laura marie said...

Awwww. You're so cute.
Hmmm. I don't remember Ange telling you that white is your best color, but knowing her, I could see her saying that. As for your missing clothes, I've realized that occasionally, when I come home to do laundry, they somehow don't make it back with me. In my case, Angela takes them. Maybe it's the same for you, or they ended up in our matchless sock/underwear basket. (Yes, we now have unmatched underwear. Dad and I were making fun of them yesterday.)
On a sad note, I once ended up hiking upper falls in ballet flats. I could feel every single rock.
But, you're too cool for that.

Emily said...

ahhh Maria - the joys of dating. I'm glad that you got that off your chest. It's something that all of us think and isn't said often enough. I think you should get this printed in the Daily Universe:) By the way, how did your date go?
love ya! Em

Stephen and Emily Stacey said...

So Maria, it seems as though you and I have had a conversation about this at some time. Those are the same pieces of information I always tell men to include in the date. As a style note, I usually add that the asking-on-a-date phone call is definitely not the time for idle chit-chat. Ask on a date (make sure to day the word DATE), tell her when, how to dress, and whether and what kind of food is involved then HANG UP IMMEDIATELY! I've learned that one from perhaps too many awkward situations.

Steve Stacey

PS-Emily said that because I actually did those things, that made me quite anomalous, and therefore did she marry. Feel free to use that bit of anecdotal evidence when convincing others in the future.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I went paintballing once in high-heeled sandals because a guy would not tell me what we were doing. I even asked him when he came to pick me up if what I was wearing would be suitable for his little surprise. Frustrating- NOT intriguing! I also starved on several dates because I assumed that food would be involved when it was not. Ross never once did this to me, and I stuck with him! This is another reallly great post! How was your date?

cking said...

Hey...I just found your blog. Fun. I'm glad I could be of service in the whole outfit dilemma:)